Commit 5c09a643 authored by mark's avatar mark
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COMP: avoid building CGAL ImageIO lib (fixes #15)

- OpenFOAM doesn't use any of the CGAL image library and the ImageIO
  library adds in an unnecessary OpenGL dependency (reported to fail
  on kubuntu-14.04)

STYLE: adjust documented link to main (non-svn) VisIt project directory
parent 9f6a77a1
......@@ -415,7 +415,8 @@ The minimum gcc/g++ requirements for building various components.
[link FFTW]:
[page cgns]:
[link ccmio]: (check usage conditions)
[link ccmio]: (check usage conditions)
[altlink ccmio]: (check usage conditions)
[page tecio]:
[link tecio]: (needs registration)
......@@ -475,6 +475,7 @@ CMAKE_OPTIONS
${optHeadersOnly:+-DCGAL_HEADER_ONLY=TRUE} \
$configBoost $configGmp $configMpfr \
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