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    ENH: cleanup Pstream internal names, cull unneeded parameters · 1f20747b
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - Pstreams can be ascii/binary but are always currentVersion
    - rename UIPstream externalBuf_ to 'recvBuf_' for similar naming as
      PstreamBuffers and symmetry with UOPstream::sendBuf_
    - specific enum size for commsType (for more compact structures in the
      future). Default construct lists items.
    BUG: possible incidental indexing in UIPstream::read(char*, std::streamsize)
    - raw reading had been split into beginRawRead(), readRaw().
      However, this could change the current input position (due to word
      boundary alignment), even if the expected count is zero. Make a
      no-op for count == 0. This mirrors UOPstream::write behaviour.