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    ENH: adjust token in preparation for separate expression tokenization · efd1ac4b
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - minor simplification of #if/#endif handling
    ENH: improve input robustness with negative-prefixed expansions (#2095)
    - especially in blockMeshDict it is useful to negate an value directly.
         xmax  100;
         xmin  -$xmax;
      However, this fails since the dictionary expansion is a two-step
      process of tokenization followed by expansion. After the expansion
      the given input would now be the following:
         xmax  100;
         xmin  - 100;
      and retrieving a scalar value for 'xmin' fails.
      Counteract this by being more generous on tokenized input when
      attempting to retrieve a label or scalar value.
      If a '-' is found where a number is expected, use it to negate the
      subsequent value.
      The previous solution was to invoke an 'eval':
         xmax  100;
         xmin  #eval{-$xmax};
      which adds additional clutter.