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    ENH: improved sample surfaces and surface writers (#1206) · 181c974b
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - The writers have changed from being a generic state-less set of
      routines to more properly conforming to the normal notion of a writer.
      These changes allow us to combine output fields (eg, in a single
      VTK/vtp file for each timestep).
      Parallel data reduction and any associated bookkeeping is now part
      of the surface writers.
      This improves their re-usability and avoids unnecessary
      and premature data reduction at the sampling stage.
      It is now possible to have different output formats on a per-surface
    - A new feature of the surface sampling is the ability to "store" the
      sampled surfaces and fields onto a registry for reuse by other
      function objects.
      Additionally, the "store" can be triggered at the execution phase
      as well