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    COMP: update lnInclude directories when building (issue #364) · 608bb5d8
    Mark Olesen authored
    - Could be related to interrupted builds.
      So if there are any parts of the build that rely on an explicit
      'wmakeLnInclude', make sure that the contents are properly updated.
    ENH: improved feedback from top-level Allwmake
    - Report which section (libraries, applications) is being built.
    - Provide final summary of date, version, etc, which can be helpful
      for later diagnosis or record keeping.
    - The -log=XXX option for Allwmake now accepts a directory name
      and automatically appends an appropriate log name.
          ./Allwmake -log=logs/  ->> logs/log.linux64GccDPInt32Opt
      The default name is built from the value of WM_OPTIONS.
    BUG: shell not exiting properly in combination with -log option
    - the use of 'tee' causes the shell to hang around.
      Added an explicit exit to catch this.
    - Detecting the '-k' (-non-stop) option at the top-level Allwmake, which
      may improve robustness.
    - Explicit continue-on-error for foamyMesh (as optional component)
    - unify format of script messages for better readability
    COMP: reduce warnings when building Pstream (old-style casts in openmpi)