Commit 11ed7a0e authored by Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather Committed by Andrew Heather
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ENH: cyclicAMIFvPatch - added hooks to correct delta coeffs and vecs

parent 438f38bb
......@@ -99,6 +99,26 @@ void Foam::cyclicAMIFvPatch::makeWeights(scalarField& w) const
void Foam::cyclicAMIFvPatch::makeDeltaCoeffs(scalarField& coeffs) const
// Apply correction to default coeffs
void Foam::cyclicAMIFvPatch::makeNonOrthoDeltaCoeffs(scalarField& coeffs) const
// Apply correction to default coeffs
//coeffs = Zero;
void Foam::cyclicAMIFvPatch::makeNonOrthoCorrVectors(vectorField& vecs) const
// Apply correction to default vectors
//vecs = Zero;
Foam::tmp<Foam::vectorField> Foam::cyclicAMIFvPatch::delta() const
const cyclicAMIFvPatch& nbrPatch = neighbFvPatch();
......@@ -68,6 +68,15 @@ protected:
//- Make patch weighting factors
void makeWeights(scalarField&) const;
//- Correct patch deltaCoeffs
virtual void makeDeltaCoeffs(scalarField&) const;
//- Correct patch non-ortho deltaCoeffs
virtual void makeNonOrthoDeltaCoeffs(scalarField&) const;
//- Correct patch non-ortho correction vectors
virtual void makeNonOrthoCorrVectors(vectorField&) const;
//- Correct patches after moving points
virtual void movePoints();
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