Commit 6e716c66 authored by Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather Committed by Andrew Heather
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ENH: pimpleFoam - ddtCorr now optional

parent 88dd3a18
volScalarField rAU(1.0/UEqn.A());
volVectorField HbyA(constrainHbyA(rAU*UEqn.H(), U, p));
surfaceScalarField phiHbyA
+ MRF.zeroFilter(fvc::interpolate(rAU)*fvc::ddtCorr(U, phi, Uf))
surfaceScalarField phiHbyA("phiHbyA", fvc::flux(HbyA));
if (pimple.ddtCorr())
phiHbyA += MRF.zeroFilter(fvc::interpolate(rAU)*fvc::ddtCorr(U, phi, Uf));
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