Commit f5a9ae43 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs
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COMP: liquidPropertiesFvPatchFields: compilation order

parent 4f9e48bf
......@@ -79,5 +79,7 @@ postProcessing/Allwmake $targetType $*
wmake $targetType sixDoFRigidBodyMotion
# Needs access to Turbulence
wmake $targetType thermophysicalModels/properties/liquidPropertiesFvPatchFields
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- end-of-file
......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ targetType=libso
set -x
wmake $targetType liquidProperties
wmake $targetType liquidPropertiesFvPatchFields
wmake $targetType liquidMixtureProperties
wmake $targetType solidProperties
wmake $targetType solidMixtureProperties
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