1. 22 Mar, 2016 3 commits
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      zero: Added cast to float and double for consistent scalar and floatScalar... · 0f0e4a0c
      Henry Weller authored
      zero: Added cast to float and double for consistent scalar and floatScalar initialization and assignment to 0
      Zero: New global instance of zero for simple and efficient initialization and assigment of primitives to 0
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      Identity: Added cast to scalar · e69aaae5
      Henry Weller authored
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      etc/config.sh/CGAL: updated · ea6eac35
      Henry Weller authored
      Patch contributed by Bruno Santos:
       - "etc/config.sh/CGAL":
         - Indented the contents of the recently added if block.
         - Added comment about using system versions.
         - Library paths are now only added if the respective version is not "boost-system" and "cgal-system".
       - "src/renumber/Allwmake":
         It now relies on the previous file to get the version for
         Boost (the same way as in "makeCGAL"). This is so that it will also
         build "SloanRenumber" if "boost_version" is set to "boost-system".
       - "applications/utilities/mesh/generation/Allwmake":
         It now also relies on the script "config.sh/CGAL" to get the
         version for CGAL. If "cgal_version" is set to "cgal-system", it
         will now also build "foamy*Mesh" utilities and respective
      Resolves report http://www.openfoam.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=1232
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      MatrixSpace: 2D (i-j) specialization of VectorSpace · c14ee0ad
      Henry Weller authored
      Provides '(i, j)' element access and general forms of inner and outer
      products, transpose etc. for square and rectangular VectorSpaces.
      VectorSpaces default to be column-vectors as before whereas row-vectors
      may be represented as 1xn MatrixSpaces.  In the future it may be
      preferable to create a specializations of VectorSpace for column- and
      maybe row-vectors but it would add complexity to MatrixSpace to handle
      all the type combinations.
      Tensor is now a 3x3 specialization of MatrixSpace.
      Sub-block const and non-const access is provided via the
      '.block<SubTensor, RowStart, ColStart>()' member functions.  Consistent
      sub-block access is also provide for VectorSpace so that columns of
      MatrixSpaces may be accessed and substituted.
      These new classes will be used to create a more extensive set of
      primitive vector and tensor types over the next few weeks.
      Henry G. Weller
      CFD Direct
  10. 11 Mar, 2016 1 commit
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