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      ENH: unify use of dictionary method names · 3e43edf0
      Mark Olesen authored
      - previously introduced `getOrDefault` as a dictionary _get_ method,
        now complete the transition and use it everywhere instead of
        `lookupOrDefault`. This avoids mixed usage of the two methods that
        are identical in behaviour, makes for shorter names, and promotes
        the distinction between "lookup" access (ie, return a token stream,
        locate and return an entry) and "get" access (ie, the above with
        conversion to concrete types such as scalar, label etc).
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      INT: org integration · 6e8f0dbe
      sergio authored
      1) rPolynomial Eq of State
      2) externalForce and softWall in rigidBodyDynamics
      INT: Several minor bug fixes plus
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      INT: Org integration of VOF, Euler phase solvers and models. · 8170f2ad
      Sergio Ferraris authored
      Integration of VOF MULES new interfaces. Update of VOF solvers and all instances
      of MULES in the code.
      Integration of reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler solvers and sub-models
      Updating reactingEuler tutorials accordingly (most of them tested)
      New eRefConst thermo used in tutorials. Some modifications at thermo specie level
      affecting mostly eThermo. hThermo mostly unaffected
      New chtMultiRegionTwoPhaseEulerFoam solver for quenching and tutorial.
      Phases sub-models for reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler were moved
      to src/phaseSystemModels/reactingEulerFoam in order to be used by BC for
      Update of interCondensatingEvaporatingFoam solver.
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      ENH: simplify objectRegistry access names (issue #322) · 8fabc325
      Mark Olesen authored
        New name:  findObject(), cfindObject()
        Old name:  lookupObjectPtr()
            Return a const pointer or nullptr on failure.
        New name:  findObject()
        Old name:  --
            Return a non-const pointer or nullptr on failure.
        New name:  getObjectPtr()
        Old name:  lookupObjectRefPtr()
            Return a non-const pointer or nullptr on failure.
            Can be called on a const object and it will perform a
      - use these updated names and functionality in more places
      NB: The older methods names are deprecated, but continue to be defined.
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    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      COMP: fix Darwin size ambiguities · 0dfda5f7
      Mark Olesen authored
      - size ambiguity for Foam::min(string::size_type, label)
      - stream operators for int16/uint16 which are needed for mode_t (Darwin)
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      STYLE: thermo: Macro renaming · 2d238139
      Will Bainbridge authored
      Thermo and reaction thermo macros have been renamed and refactored. If
      the name is plural (make???Thermos) then it adds the model to all
      selection tables. If not (make???Thermo) then it only adds to the
      requested psi or rho table.
  30. 01 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      ENH: reactionThermo: Single component mixture · 8aabbec7
      Will Bainbridge authored
      This mixture allows a reacting solver to be used with a single component
      fluid without the additional case files usually required for reacting
      reactionThermo: Instantiated more single component mixtures
      ENH: reactionThermo: Select singleComponentMixture as pureMixture
      A pureMixture can now be specified in a reacting solver. This further
      enhances compatibility between non-reacting and reacting solvers.
      To achieve this, mixtures now have a typeName function of the same form
      as the lower thermodyanmic models. In addition, to avoid name clashes,
      the reacting thermo make macros have been split into those that create
      entries on multiple selection tables, and those that just add to the
      reaction thermo table.
  31. 23 Nov, 2017 1 commit
    • Will Bainbridge's avatar
      ENH: combustionModels: Changed the construction order · 22aae281
      Will Bainbridge authored
      The combustion and chemistry models no longer select and own the
      thermodynamic model; they hold a reference instead. The construction of
      the combustion and chemistry models has been changed to require a
      reference to the thermodyanmics, rather than the mesh and a phase name.
      At the solver-level the thermo, turbulence and combustion models are now
      selected in sequence. The cyclic dependency between the three models has
      been resolved, and the raw-pointer based post-construction step for the
      combustion model has been removed.
      The old solver-level construction sequence (typically in createFields.H)
      was as follows:
          autoPtr<combustionModels::psiCombustionModel> combustion
          psiReactionThermo& thermo = combustion->thermo();
          // Create rho, U, phi, etc...
          autoPtr<compressible::turbulenceModel> turbulence
              compressible::turbulenceModel::New(rho, U, phi, thermo)
      The new sequence is:
          autoPtr<psiReactionThermo> thermo(psiReactionThermo::New(mesh));
          // Create rho, U, phi, etc...
          autoPtr<compressible::turbulenceModel> turbulence
              compressible::turbulenceModel::New(rho, U, phi, *thermo)
          autoPtr<combustionModels::psiCombustionModel> combustion
              combustionModels::psiCombustionModel::New(*thermo, *turbulence)
      ENH: combustionModel, chemistryModel: Simplified model selection
      The combustion and chemistry model selection has been simplified so
      that the user does not have to specify the form of the thermodynamics.
      Examples of new combustion and chemistry entries are as follows:
          In constant/combustionProperties:
              combustionModel PaSR;
              combustionModel FSD;
          In constant/chemistryProperties:
                  solver          ode;
                  method          TDAC;
      All the angle bracket parts of the model names (e.g.,
      <psiThermoCombustion,gasHThermoPhysics>) have been removed as well as
      the chemistryThermo entry.
      The changes are mostly backward compatible. Only support for the
      angle bracket form of chemistry solver names has been removed. Warnings
      will print if some of the old entries are used, as the parts relating to
      thermodynamics are now ignored.
      ENH: combustionModel, chemistryModel: Simplified model selection
      Updated all tutorials to the new format
      STYLE: combustionModel: Namespace changes
      Wrapped combustion model make macros in the Foam namespace and removed
      combustion model namespace from the base classes. This fixes a namespace
      specialisation bug in gcc 4.8. It is also somewhat less verbose in the
      This resolves bug report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2787
      ENH: combustionModels: Default to the "none" model
      When the constant/combustionProperties dictionary is missing, the solver
      will now default to the "none" model. This is consistent with how
      radiation models are selected.
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