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OpenQBMM is a suite of solvers to simulate polydisperse multiphase flows using Quadrature-Based Moment Methods (QBMM).

Main author: Alberto Passalacqua @albertop

Details of new models (If applicable)

OpenQBMM implements methods to describe polydisperse multiphase flows, from the simplest size evolution of non-inertial particles in a carrier fluid to more complex cases with bubbles in a gas-liquid system and inertial particles in a gas-particle flow. These capabilities are implemented in a suite of solvers, among which:

  • pbeFoam solves a population balance equation in a single control volume. This solver is useful to test kernel functions in the population balance equation and to solve spatially homogeneous problems. Example cases can be found in OpenQBMM/validation/pbeFoam/ which show the validation cases discussed in E. Madadi-Kandjani, A. Passalacqua, An extended quadrature-based moment method with log-normal kernel density functions, Chemical Engineering Science. 131 (2015) 323–339.
  • pbeTransportFoam allows a frozen flow field to be used to solve a population balance equation with pre-imposed flow motion. A validation case is available in OpenQBMM/validation/pbeTransportFoam/serraTaylorCouette/ and discussed in A. Passalacqua, F. Laurent, E. Madadi-Kandjani, J.C. Heylmun, R.O. Fox, An open-source quadrature-based population balance solver for OpenFOAM, Chemical Engineering Science. 176 (2018) 306–318.
  • buoyantPbePimpleFoam allows a transient flow with population balance equation to be modelled.
  • polydisperseBubbleFoam is a specialized solver for gas-liquid flows with evolution of the bubble size due to coalescence and breakup. Bubbles can have a velocity distribution also accounting for polycelerity, with bubbles with different sizes in the same control volume allowed to have different velocities. Example cases are available in OpenQBMM/validation/polydisperseBubbleFoam/ while the implementation is discussed in the article J.C. Heylmun, B. Kong, A. Passalacqua, R.O. Fox, A quadrature-based moment method for polydisperse bubbly flows, Computer Physics Communications. 244 (2019) 187–204.
  • denseAGFoam implements an anisotropic Gaussian model for dense gas-particle flows. Implementation details are discussed in B. Kong, R.O. Fox, A solution algorithm for fluid–particle flows across all flow regimes, Journal of Computational Physics. 344 (2017) 575–594.
  • The solvers in the velocityDistribitionTransport implement quadrature-based moment methods for velocity distributions. These methods are suitable to describe disperse flows with non-equilibrium velocity distributions, such as crossing jets of particles or droplets. The diluteVdfTransportFoam solver implements the quadrature-based velocity distribution transport algorithm for a disperse phase, not coupled to a carrier fluid. One-way coupling between the disperse phase and the carrier fluid is implemented oneWayCoupledVdfTransportFoam. In both solvers, the particle size can evolve in space and time and particles can interact through collisions.


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