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ENH: BilgerMixtureFraction: New function object

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-Bilger-mixture-fraction-fo into develop


A contribution by a community member, @g3.

See #1915 (closed)

Details of new models (If applicable)

See #1915 (comment 49598)



WIP issues

  • The FO needs info from specieComposition(): see the line
  • The function can be called through ThermoType (i.e. thermoPhysicsTypes.H), but there are too many template-template classes thereat. This would create a very long and thus annoyingly redundant piece of repeating code.
  • Instead, ReactionThermo could be used. But ReactionThermo does not have access to the info. Even in TDACChemistryModel, specieComposition was fetched through ThermoType.
    • Note that if ReactionThermo is used, some solvers may not run the FO.

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