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    ENH: rename protected UList size(label) -> setAddressableSize(label) · 2c7e95d2
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - modification/continuation of 8d63073b and 5c1ec7ec (#595).
      Although this protected function is only used internally, the name
      `size(label)` is too easily confused with `resize(label)` and
      `setSize(label)`. The longer method name eliminates some ambiguity.
      Name consistent with PtrListDetail.
    - leave size(label) method (for possible compatibility),
      but mark as deprecated
    - improve sizing consistency for (Istream >> DynamicList)
    STYLE: more consistent use of resize vs setSize in DynamicList
    - more consistency between DynamicList and DynamicField.
      There were some inconsistencies in how construct with a size was
    STYLE: more consistent declaration/use of Swap