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    ENH: turbulentDFSEMInlet: refactoring by PatchFunction1 · b9c17431
    Kutalmış Berçin authored and Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather committed
    - ENH: turbulentDFSEMInlet: add normalisation factors for
    input Reynolds stresses, mean velocity and integral-length
    scales as entries `Uref` and `Lref`.
    - ENH: turbulentDFSEMInlet: add scaling factor entries, `scale`
    and `m`, to enable users to tune C1 normalisation coefficient,
    if need be.
    - BUG: turbulentDFSEM: (fixes #1004 #1744 #2089)
    - see #2090 for theoretical issues related to the DFSEM method.