Commit 54f80980 authored by Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather Committed by Mark Olesen
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SUBMODULE: added OpenQBMM submodule - see #1522

OpenQBMM is a suite of solvers to simulate polydisperse multiphase flows using
Quadrature-Based Moment Methods (QBMM).  For more information, please see

Main author: Alberto Passalacqua
parent 42c8bbf6
......@@ -10,3 +10,7 @@
[submodule "adios"]
path = modules/adios
url =
[submodule "modules/OpenQBMM"]
path = modules/OpenQBMM
url =
branch =
Subproject commit 7f6277c83f403f91644cb1aac471e0e16319aba5
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