1. 17 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      ENH: use some updated vtk output methods · d8375248
      Mark Olesen authored
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      ENH: improvements for foamVtkOutput, foamVtkFormatter (issue #926) · 05427217
      Mark Olesen authored
      - parallel list output for foamVtkOutput
      - simplified '.series' file output
      - beginDataArray() method instead of openDataArray() + closeTag()
        since this seems to be the most common use anyhow.
        With an optional argument for leaving the tag open, this works the
        same as openDataArray() which may be deprecated in the future.
      - begin/end methods for CellData, PointData, FieldData (commonly used)
      - templating parameters for file headers, content version,
        legacy fields. This improves coding robustness and convenience of use.
      - use formatter and higher-level methods for legacy output
      - attribute quoting character now part of the formatter itself
        instead of as an argument for xmlAttr().
        Toggle with quoting() method.
      - pair-wise processing of xml attributes, which also allows them to be
        passed as optional entries when creating an xml tag.
      - xmlComment with multiple arguments
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      ENH: add renumbering support into foamVtuSizing algorithm (issue #926) · 19e03f7d
      Mark Olesen authored
      - allows cell point labels will use global numbering, but only for
        unmerged points. We'd ideally like to avoid point merging per se,
        and instead use VTK point blanking instead (as required).
        This approach allows parallel collation of the output into a single
        piece directly.
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      ENH: modernize code in dimensionSet, dimensionSets · 5a9a2935
      Mark Olesen authored
      - 'unfriend' operators on dimensionSet, since they operate without
        requiring access to non-public members.
      - add missing invTransform() function for dimensionSet.
      - make inv(const dimensionSet&) available as
        operator~(const dimensionSet&), which can be used instead
        of (dimless/ds).
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      ENH: added dimensionedType::writeEntry method · 72c4b318
      Mark Olesen authored
      - writing of dictionary entry with the name of the dimensionedType
        suppressed if it is identical to the keyword.
        This corresponds to the input requirements.
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      ENH: add read guard for dimensionedType constructors (#762) · dd87c983
      Mark Olesen authored
      - deprecate dimensionedType constructors using an Istream in favour of
        versions accepting a keyword and a dictionary.
        Dictionary entries are almost the exclusive means of read
        constructing a dimensionedType. By construct from the dictionary
        entry instead of doing a lookup() first, we can detect possible
        input errors such as too many tokens as a result of a input syntax
        Constructing a dimensionedType from a dictionary entry now has
        two forms.
        1.  dimensionedType(key, dims, dict);
            This is the constructor that will normally be used.
            It accepts entries with optional leading names and/or
            dimensions. If the entry contains dimensions, they are
            verified against the expected dimensions and an IOError is
            raised if they do not correspond. On conclusion, checks the
            token stream for any trailing rubbish.
        2.  dimensionedType(key, dict);
            This constructor is used less frequently.