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      ENH: new PDRblockMesh mesh generation utility (issue #1216) · 84270ed6
      Mark Olesen authored
      - While a rectilinear mesh can be created with blockMesh, not every mesh
        created with blockMesh will satisfy the requirements for being a
        rectilinear mesh.
        This alternative to blockMesh uses a single block that is aligned
        with the xy-z directions and specifications of the control points,
        mesh divisions and expansion ratios. For example,
              points  ( -13.28 -0.10 6.0 19.19 );
              nCells  (  10  12 10 );
              ratios  ( 0.2   1  5 );
          y { ... }
          z { ... }
        With only one block, the boundary patch definition is simple and the
        canonical face number is used directly. For example,
              type    patch;
              faces   ( 0 );
              type    patch;
              faces   ( 1 );
              type    patch;
              faces   ( 2 3 );
      - After a mesh is defined, it is trivial to retrieve mesh-related
        information such as cell-volume, cell-centres for any i-j-k location
        without an actual polyMesh.
      STYLE: remove -noFunctionObjects from blockMesh
      - no time loop, so function objects cannot be triggered anyhow.
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      ENH: consolidate handling of mandatory/optional command arguments · 5d9e278e
      Mark Olesen authored
      - for some special cases we wish to mark command-line arguments as
        being optional, in order to do our own treatment. For example,
        when an arbitrary number of arguments should be allowed.
        Now tag this situation with argList::noMandatoryArgs().
        The argList::argsMandatory() query can then be used in any further
        logic, including the standard default argument checking.
      - with the new default check, can consolidate the special-purpose
        into the regular
      - revert to a simple "setRootCase.H" and move all the listing related
        bits to a "setRootCaseLists.H" file. This leaves the information
        available for solvers, or whoever else wishes, without being
        introduced everywhere.
      - add include guards and scoping to the listing files and rename to
        something less generic.
           listOptions.H -> setRootCaseListOptions.H
           listOutput.H  -> setRootCaseListOutput.H
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    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: allow new patch names in subsetMesh (issue #1019) · d0da21fe
      Mark Olesen authored
      Previously had 3 possibilities for handling exposed internal faces
        1. use default "oldInternalFaces"
        2. specify -patch, to use the specified (existing) patch
        3. specify -patches, to use the geometrically closest patches
      Now relaxed the restriction on -patch to allow specification of a new
      (not yet existing) patch name. This improves flexibility, but won't
      catch typing mistakes.
      Harmonize behaviour of -patches and -patch. When -patches is used to
      specify a single, non-regex patch name, it now behaves identically to
      -patch. Since the getList handling for options already allows special
      treatment for single parameter lists, the following will work
            subsetMesh -patch  patch0
            subsetMesh -patches patch0
            subsetMesh -patches '( patch0 )'
      In the future it might be reasonable to fully combine the behaviour of
      '-patch' and '-patches' and treat them as aliases for each other.
      ENH: support subsetMesh on a cellZone.
      - when the '-zone' option is specified, the command argument is treated
        as the name (or names) of cellZones to be selected instead of as the
        name of the cellSet.
        The command argument can be a single word, regex, or list of
            subsetMesh -zone -patch mypatch  mixer
            subsetMesh -zone -patch mypatch  '(mixer "moving.*" )'
      STYLE: simplify set handling and other code cleanup in subsetMesh
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      ENH: ignore -noFunctionObjects option when disabled · e0f83938
      Mark Olesen authored
      - With argList::noFunctionObjects() we use the logic added in
        4b933332 (issue #352)
        By removing the '-noFunctionObjects' option, we automatically
        suppress the creation of function-objects via Time (with argList
        as a parameter).
        There is generally no need in these cases for an additional
            runTime.functionObjects().off()  statement
        Use the argList::noFunctionObjects() for more direct configuration
        and reduce unnecessary clutter in the -help information.
        In previous versions, the -noFunctionObjects would have been redundant
        anyhow, so we can also just ignore it now instead.
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    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: additional options for transforming points (closes #660) · 00325db3
      Mark Olesen authored
      - The -rotate-angle option allows convenient specification of a
        rotation about an arbitrary axis. Eg, -rotate-angle '((1 1 1) 45)'
      - The -origin option can be used to temporarily shift the origin
        for the rotation operations. For example,
            -origin '(0 0 1)' -rotate-angle '((1 0 0) 180)'
        for mirroring.
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    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: add decomposePar -dry-run option · ed4ffd8f
      Mark Olesen authored
      - can be used to test the behaviour of the decomposion and its
        characteristics without writing any decomposition to disk.
        Combine with -cellDist to visualize the expected decomposition
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      ENH: improve controls for Time (issue #910) · 2662042d
      Mark Olesen authored
      - relocate some standard functionality to TimePaths to allow a lighter
        means of managing time directories without using the entire Time
      - optional enableLibs for Time construction (default is on)
        and a corresponding argList::noLibs() and "-no-libs" option
      - mark Time::outputTime() as deprecated MAY-2016
      - use pre-increment for runTime, although there is no difference in
        behaviour or performance.
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      ENH: use bash associative array for on-the-fly completion (issue #551) · ce086810
      Mark Olesen authored
      - this reduces the number of functions and allows lazy loading of
        completion options, which makes it easy to quickly add any other
        OpenFOAM application in completion.
        The generic '_of_complete_' function handles (bash) completion for
        any OpenFOAM application. On the first call for any particular
        application, it retrieves the available options from the application
        help output and adds this information to its environmental cache for
        subsequent use.
      - Tcsh completion uses the same function via a bash wrapper.
        But since its wrapper is transient, the on-the-fly generation would
        be less efficient. For this case, a pre-generated completion_cache
        can be used, which is generated with