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      functionObjects::add: Add list of fields · 7d39328b
      Henry Weller authored
          The operation can be applied to any volume or surface fields generating a
          volume or surface scalar field.
          Example of function object specification:
              type            add;
              libs            ("libfieldFunctionObjects.so");
              fields          (T Tdelta);
              result          Ttot;
              executeControl  writeTime;
              writeControl    writeTime;
      Also refactored functionObjects::fieldsExpression to avoid code
      duplication between the 'add' and 'subtract' functionObjects.
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      reactingEulerFoam, twoPhaseEulerFoam: Reinstated interfacial pressure-work · ad476af9
      Henry Weller authored
      Added the interfacial pressure-work terms according to:
      Ishii, M., Hibiki, T.,
      Thermo-fluid dynamics of two-phase flow,
      ISBN-10: 0-387-28321-8, 2006
      While this is the most common approach to handling the interfacial
      pressure-work it introduces numerical stability issues in regions of low
      phase-fraction and rapid flow deformation.  To alleviate this problem an
      optional limiter may be applied to the pressure-work term in either of
      the energy forms.  This may specified in the
      "thermophysicalProperties.<phase>" file, e.g.
      pressureWorkAlphaLimit 1e-3;
      which sets the pressure work term to 0 for phase-fractions below 1e-3.
      For particularly unstable cases a limit of 1e-2 may be necessary.
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      foamTags: Rationalized tagging · 5e698582
      Henry Weller authored
      The best of the current options is to use the latest version of
      exuberant ctags (which has a new C++ parser) to generate both
      declaration and definition tags.
      gtags works to some extent and provides additional information about the
      function signatures but the C++ parser is not accurate and misses scope
      information.  gtags can be used with the ctags parser which is effective
      but looses the primary advantage of gtags being able to provide function
      signatures so support has been switched-off by default.
      ebrowse does not appear to be very useful for traversing the OpenFOAM
      class tree and the support has been switched-off by default.
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      Revert "twoPhaseEulerFoam::EEqns: Updated pressure-work" · b06c4280
      Henry Weller authored
      This reverts commit f7996e45.
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