1. 21 May, 2019 1 commit
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      ENH: dictionary checking methods with predicates on the input values · 32916fa8
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - can be used to check the validity of input values.
          dict.getCheck<label>("nIters", greaterOp1<label>(0));
          dict.getCheck<scalar>("relax", scalarMinMax::zero_one());
      - use 'get' prefix for more regular dictionary methods.
        Eg, getOrDefault() as alternative to lookupOrDefault()
      - additional ops for convenient construction of predicates
      ENH: make dictionary writeOptionalEntries integer
      - allow triggering of Fatal if default values are used
      ENH: additional scalarRange static methods: ge0, gt0, zero_one
      - use GREAT instead of VGREAT for internal placeholders
      - additional MinMax static methods: gt, le
  2. 17 May, 2019 1 commit
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  11. 06 May, 2019 1 commit
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      ENH: additional HashTable emplace/insert/set methods (#1286) · ac317699
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - support move insert/set and emplace insertion.
        These adjustments can be used for improved memory efficiency, and
        allow hash tables of non-copyable objects (eg, std::unique_ptr).
      - extend special HashTable output treatment to include pointer-like
        objects such as autoPtr and unique_ptr.
      ENH: HashTable::at() method with checking. Fatal if entry does not exist.
  12. 07 May, 2019 2 commits
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  15. 02 May, 2019 6 commits
  16. 01 May, 2019 3 commits
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      ENH: ensure that content changes in coded objects are noticed (#1293) · a85c55bb
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - for codedFunctionObject and CodedSource the main code snippets
        were not included in the SHA1 calculation, which meant that many
        changes would not be noticed and no new library would be compiled.
        As a workaround, a dummy 'code' entry could be used solely for the
        purposes of generating a SHA1, but this is easily forgotten.
        We now allow tracking of the dynamicCodeContext for the coded
        objects and append to the SHA1 hasher with specific entries.
        This should solve the previous misbehaviour.
        We additionally add information about the ordering of the code
        sections. Suppose we have a coded function object (all code
        segments are optional) with the following:
            codeExecute "";
            codeWrite   #{ Info<< "Called\n"; #};
        which we subsequently change to this:
            codeExecute #{ Info<< "Called\n"; #};
            codeWrite   "";
        If the code strings are simply concatenated together, the SHA1 hashes
        will be identical. We thus 'salt' with their semantic locations,
        choosing tags that are unlikely to occur within the code strings
      - simplify the coded templates with constexpr for the SHA1sum
      - Correct the CodedSource to use 'codeConstrain' instead of
        'codeSetValue' for consistency with the underlying functions.
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      ENH: modernize SHA1 classes (#1301) · 36112db1
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - localize some functionality, std::array for digest internals.
        Additional append sub-string methods, pass-through write of digest
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      ENH: replace processorFvPatchField specialization with 'if...' (#1304) · 83d26d19
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - only apply component-wise transformCoupleField for non-scalar types