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      STYLE: clean out clutter in paraview config files (issue #176) · 9e2259c1
      Mark Olesen authored
      Now reduced to 3 environment variables:
          ParaView_DIR         - paraview installation directory
          ParaView_INCLUDE_DIR - paraview include directory
          PV_PLUGIN_PATH       - paraview plugin directory for OpenFOAM modules
      Previously also had (ParaView_MAJOR, ParaView_VERSION).
      ThirdParty makeParaView adjusted accordingly.
      ENH: improved configuration possibility for non-ThirdParty paraview
      BUG: csh foamPV alias was completely incorrect.
  4. 12 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      STYLE: cleanup compiler settings (issue #176) · 787b19c4
      Mark Olesen authored
      - export/setenv WM_COMPILER_TYPE as suggested by Mattijs.
      - for overall consistency, don't carp about an unset WM_COMPILER_TYPE,
        since this would only be on the first instance (prior to the
        export/setenv) and would be confusing about why/when this message
        may occur.
      - reduce clutter: only use (system|ThirdParty) for WM_COMPILER_TYPE.
        Drop the old 'OpenFOAM' setting for WM_COMPILER_TYPE, which was
        transitional in early 2011.
      - make the error messages more meaningful
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      ENH: improve startup time for foamToEnsight conversion (issue #240). · 0c168c43
      Mark Olesen authored
      Old code:
          Found 10990 time steps
          Search for moving mesh ... no moving mesh detected.
          Startup in 329.09 s
          Found 10990 time steps
          Search for moving mesh ... no moving mesh detected.
          Startup in 1.6 s
      - Cause was checking "polyMesh/points" via an IOobject.
        Short-circuit with a check for a polyMesh/ directory first.
        Limit the check to the master-node as well to further reduce
        load on the file-system.
      ENH: improve per-step conversion times for foamToEnsight.
      Old code:
          Converting 11001 time steps
          Time [0] = 0       Wrote in 1.53 s
          Time [1] = 1       Wrote in 1.52 s
          Time [100] = 100   Elapsed time 205.35 s
          Converting 11001 time steps
          Time [0] = 0       Wrote in 1.4 s
          Time [1] = 1       Wrote in 0.07 s
          Time [100] = 100   Elapsed time 42.4 s
      - Speedup by hashing test results from the first conversion step
        instead of checking each time.
        Check data on all nodes to avoid problems with incomplete writes.
      BUG: moving mesh detection failed for foamToEnsightParts
      - adjusted to agree with updated foamToEnsight
      - foamToEnsightParts (serial) still has about twice the throughput of
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      ENH: more flexible selection/naming for ddt2 FO (issue #224) · b4d83b8f
      Mark Olesen authored
      - bugfix (empty patches), and added detection of steady-state
      Caveat: when called via execFlowFunctionObjects will always produce a
        zero field, since the oldTime field is not available for this mode.
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      ENH: runTime calculation of zeroGradient volume fields (issue #235) · 3008d80b
      Mark Olesen authored
      Extrapolate internal field to walls for post-processing.
      Uses as new syntax for handling the naming of multiple fields.
      The input fields are selected via a wordReList.
      For example,
          fields      (U "(T|k|epsilon|omega)");
      The names of the resulting output fields use placeholder tokens for
      flexibility. For example,
          result      zeroGradient(@@);
      The '@@' placeholder is replaced by the name of the input field.
          fields      (U T);
          result      zeroGradient(@@);
      ->  zeroGradient(U), zeroGradient(T)
          fields      (U T);
          result      @@nearWall;
      ->  UnearWall, TnearWall
          The function object will skip over fields that only have
          processor, empty, zeroGradient patches. The operation does not
          make much sense for these, and it avoids inadvertently
          re-processing fields twice.
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      ENH: expand data mask for foamToEnsight (issue #231) · 9de4a758
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Default is a width of 8 characters, but this can be extended up to 31
        characters via the '-width' command-line option.
      - Now use a similar structure as foamToEnsightParts for the masking.
        This reduces the clutter within the directory, makes it easier to
        selectively delete some time steps (using shell commands).
      - Added in a "time" information data in each sub-directory to
        make it possible to reconstruct the case file with an external
      - Conversion of cloud data should now also work in parallel
        (may need more testing).
      - Support binary output for cloud data.
      - Better avoidance of illegal ensight variable names.
        But still partially incomplete (due to patch fields).
      Example of NEW file structure:
          EnSight/verticalChannel.case        # case name
          EnSight/geometry                    # for non-moving geometry
          EnSight/data/                       # time-varying data
        Fields are stored by name within the data/********/ directories:
          EnSight/data/00000001/time          # human-readable time info
          EnSight/data/00000001/geometry      # for moving geometry
        Clouds are stored at the next sub-directory level:
      The old structure was significantly more cluttered:
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      COMP: CGAL rules should use lib64/ (fixes #234) · d5692462
      Mark Olesen authored
      - 64-bit builds of gcc/mpfr/gmp use lib64/ for their installation path.
        Use this for the wmake rules as well.
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      BUG: metisDecomp compile failure for WM_DP (closes #232) · 04300070
      Mark Olesen authored
      - spurious use of floatScalar instead of scalar for processor weights.
      STYLE: partially updated dummy metis.h to reflect metis-5.1.0 API
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