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      Merge branch 'feature-multiRegion' into 'develop' · 98abafcc
      Mark OLESEN authored
      ENH: Added new multiRegion function object
      See merge request !470
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      ENH: Added new multiRegion function object · af86d19e
      Andrew Heather authored and Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN committed
      Wrapper that clones the supplied object for each region.
      Simplifies the setup of identical post-processing requirements for
      multi-region cases.
      Applies the supplied function to all regions by default.
      Example of function object specification:
              type    multiRegion;
              libs    (utilityFunctionObjects);
                  // Actual object specification
                  type    fieldMinMax;
                  libs    (fieldFunctionObjects);
                  fields  (<field1> .. <fieldN>);
              // Optional entries
              regions     (region1 region2);
          Where the entries comprise:
              Property   | Description                    | Reqd | Default
              type       | Type name: multiRegion         | yes |
              function   | Function object sub-dictionary | yes |
              regions    | List of region names           | no  | all
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      Merge branch 'feature-multifieldvalue' into 'develop' · 89de9326
      Mark OLESEN authored
      ENH: new multiFieldValue function object
      See merge request !469
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      ENH: new multiFieldValue function object · ea12bfdb
      Andrew Heather authored and Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN committed
          Computes a selected operation between multiple \c fieldValue function
          The operation is applied to all results of each \c fieldValue object.
          Each object must generate the same number and type of results.
          Minimal example by using \c system/controlDict.functions:
              // Mandatory entries (unmodifiable)
              type            multiFieldValue;
              libs            (fieldFunctionObjects);
              // Mandatory entries (runtime modifiable)
              operation       subtract;
              // List of fieldValue function objects as dictionaries
              // Optional (inherited) entries
          where the entries mean:
            Property     | Description                         | Type | Req'd | Dflt
            type         | Type name: multiFieldValue          | word |  yes  | -
            libs         | Library name: fieldFunctionObjects  | word |  yes  | -
            operation    | Operation type to apply to values   | word |  yes  | -
            functions    | List of fieldValue function objects | dict |  yes  | -
          Options for the \c operation entry:
             add           | add
             subtract      | subtract
             min           | minimum
             max           | maximum
             average       | average
      Deprecated fieldValueDelta
      - The fieldValueDelta function object was originally written to compute the
      difference between two fieldValue-type function objects. The multiFieldValue
      object name better describes its purpose whilst being able to operate on an
      arbitrary number of fieldValue-type objects.
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      Merge branch 'feature-distanceSurface-filtering' into 'develop' · 596d8fab
      Andrew Heather authored
      ENH: add proximityRegions filter to distanceSurface (#2108)
      See merge request !460
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      ENH: add proximityRegions filter to distanceSurface (#2108) · ca88abba
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - combines region-based and proximity-based filtering
        proxityRegions (post-filter):
          Checks the distance of the resulting faces against the original
          search surface. Filters based on the area-weighted distance
          of each topologically connected region.
          If the area-weighted distance of a region is greater than
          \c absProximity, the entire region is rejected.
      STYLE: 'proxityFaces' as newer synonym for 'proximity' filter
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      ENH: additional patch expressions (#2114) · b6b4ab07
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - snGrad, internalField, neighbourField.
        Functional use as per swak: "... + internalField(T) ..."
      ENH: additional volume/patch expressions
      - deltaT()
      STYLE: rename exprDriverWriter -> fvExprDriverWriter
      - the original class name was a misnomer since it holds a reference
        to fvExprDriver
      BUG: expression faceToPoint/pointToFace definitions were flipped
      ENH: refactor expression hierarchy and code style
      - handle TimeState reference at the top-level for simpler derivations
      - unified internal search parameters (cruft)
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      ENH: more flexible finiteArea patch selection (#2084) · 239a7884
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - support wordRes for selecting patch names
      - ownerPolyPatch specification is now optional, which simplifies input
        and also supports a faMesh spanning different patches but with a
        single boundary condition.
        Alternatively, can specify more granularity if required.
        polyMeshPatches  ( "top.*" );
                type patch;
                ownerPolyPatch top1;    // <- specific to this portion
                neighbourPolyPatch inlet;
                type patch;
                ownerPolyPatch top2;    // <- specific to this portion
                neighbourPolyPatch inlet;
                type patch;
                neighbourPolyPatch outflow;
                type symmetry;
                neighbourPolyPatch bound;
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      DOC: reorganize Requirements.md, additional note for openSUSE leap · 7b14af42
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - move unreferenced Config.md to wiki content
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      ENH: replace tutorials/AutoTest with bin/foamTestTutorial · 85301030
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - additional -serial/-parallel option:
        prefer Allrun-serial or Allrun-parallel if available
      - optional -output=DIR to preserve output
      ENH: report missing tutorials/ directory in RunFunctions
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      ENH: robustness, consistency for wmake -show-api, -version · c7bde70e
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - add to wmakeFunctions to ensure it works even without 'make' being
        installed. Exit immediately after -show-api for consistency with
        - drop warnings for some old (pre-v1812) defunct options
          and simply flag as unknown options.
        - handle -version, --version as equivalent to -show-api
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